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Justin Fowler

I am an artist, entrepreneur, designer, and developer based near Louisville, KY. I enjoy hiking, craft beer, dogs, music, and video games.

My creative journey started around the age of 15 when I decided to pursue a career in art. Within a year, I began delving into 3D modeling and animation, and subsequently went to college for Game Art and Animation. Through this program, I partnered with two other students and co-founded Titan Realm Games and we have continued to work together since. After graduating, I began focusing on digital painting in my spare time.

I worked for several years as a graphic and web designer while selling art prints online and at local trade shows. Then, during the height of a global pandemic, I was offered a promotion at work and instead decided to leave and focus on growing my art and design business, developing games, and traveling. We sold our house, bought a camper, and spent 4 months of 2021 visiting National Parks across the US.

During that time, I went through Code Louisville’s web development program to improve my skills and then started working as a full-stack developer.