Last Key of Robotica 3

Last Key of Robotica 3 was our entry for Ludum Dare’s 43rd game jam. It was created in Unity by four people over 72 hours. 

“Meet Paladin, the last surviving human brain on Terra. Your mission has been compromised and the forces of the Veil are converging on your position. In a last ditch effort to escape with the vital information you have secured, you are attempting to uploading your consciousness off world. However, the transcoding process is lengthy with your calculations alone.

Fortunately, you have discovered a flaw in the coding of a small number of enemy bots, allowing you to wrest control and focus their computation power on your transcoder. Be careful though, for your enemies are overwhelming and some of these Buddy Bots may need to be sacrificed to repair your exosuit or to rain fire on your enemies. Can you hold off long enough to complete the upload, or will humanity lose their last glimmer of hope?

Sacrifices must be made!”

I was responsible for the creation and implementation of the environment assets, level design and lighting, character rigging and animation, particle effects, and user interface design.

Last Key of Robotica 3: LD43 Entry